Power Management Solutions

Take control of your businesses energy cost. CI3’s power management solutions allow you to gather data of just where your power and energy usage is being consumed and allow you to take actionable steps to reduce and control your energy bills. CI3’s team and can design, install and configure a system to:

  • Track energy consumption and allocate costs
  • Measure piped and non-electrical utilities (WAGES)
  • Assign costs to customers, departments, floor or area achieve energy conservation goals
  • Attain green building certification
  • Support energy awareness initiatives Monitor electrical equipment and key assets
  • Differentiate between mechanical and electrical power
  • Monitor transformers, breakers, PDU, ATS, UPS, generators and capacitor banks to improve response to power related issues
  • Quickly receive power system alarms
  • View the critical alarm history sequences by time and understand power factor, harmonics and voltage disturbances
  • Reduce power losses
  • Prevent equipment damage, detect faults and diagnose key electrical problems
  • Identify and correct nuisance trips
  • Avoid outages while identifying areas for improvement or adjustment
  • Take Control. Save Energy. Save Money

    Let Control Installations help you select the right technology for your system and budget