Optical Lanes & Secured Entrances Solutions

Higher Level of Security

Electronic security is great for securing your facility, but electronic security alone may not prevent users from “cheating” the system by tailgating, propping open doors, passing credentials back or even holding the door open for others. Adding a secured entrance to your facility can remove this risks and take your electronic security system to a higher level. Secured entrances provide:

  • Controlled traffic flow
  • Allows you to quickly and securely lock down your facility
  • Prevent anti passback or sharing credentials for access
  • Allow only one person at a time to enter
  • Improved reporting on exactly who is in your facility and when they leave using both entrance and exit portals
  • Optical Turnstiles

    Optical turnstiles are a great way to bring a higher level of entrance security to your office environment while still maintaining traffic control and a pleasant look to your entrance lobby. These attractive and state of the art entrances give your staff and guests an easy and unintimidating means of access to your facility, while allowing your security team to monitor and control traffic flow rapidly and accurately.

    Easy Integration. Controlled Traffic Flow.

    Let Control Installations help choose a secured entrance solution that meets your all your security needs