Building Analytic Solutions

Make The Most Of Your Energy

Building analytics, also known as FDD (Fault Detection and Diagnostics), is a powerful software solution that monitors the performance of your building equipment and provides you actionable items. With this data, you now have the ability to be proactive to manage your system to find:

  • Avoidable Costs– Places that you can be more energy efficient
  • Maintenance Issues– Quickly identify and prioritize your repairs
  • Comfort Issues- Quickly identify your customer complaints before they call you and prioritize which to address first
  • Building Analytics is a proactive method to maintain and monitor today’s complex buildings. By utilizing this powerful software you can now check the performance of every piece of equipment in your building everyday. This could never be done by even the best maintenance staff with the knowledge to review all of the complex processes happening every day in your building.

    Key Benefits

  • Constant commissioning
  • Every piece of equipment checked everyday
  • Long term data storage and collection so you can monitor your equipment over time
  • Avoidable cost data to help drive funding for repairs
  • Calculated ROI on repairs made
  • Virtual controls tech verifying your system daily
  • Actionable Items that give real payback
  • Proactive maintenance
  • The ability to prioritize where your resources and money are best spent for the best ROI
  • Improve Bottom Line Results

    Make more informed building decisions by knowing the financial implications of operational inefficiencies. Our combination of big data technology and local facilities management allows customers to make data-based recommendations to achieve measureable return on investment through ongoing cost savings and optimized energy use.

    Powerful Algorithms. Saving Money.

    Discover how Building Analytics can help your facility save on energy costs today

    Building Analytics Typical Results

    Drive results to improve energy and operational effeciency and occupant comfort

    80% Increase In Identifying HVAC Troublespots

    More instances of identification of avoidable HVAC energy costs, which results in a substantial increase in overall energy savings.

    33% Fewer Complaints

    One third less complaints from building tenants concerning temperature comfort.

    29% Decrease In Maintenance

    An average of 30% decrease in maintenance incidents saving you money.