Smart Breaker Panel Solutions

Intelligent Energy Usage

Smart Breaker Panels are intelligent breaker systems that allow the building owner to control and monitor all types of loads at their source. You can now monitor and control your power consumption by each type of load. Lighting loads are often the largest electrical loads in a building. Taking control of these loads can save both money and provide a better user experience. Utilizing Smart Breaker technology allows you to control lighting load based on time of day, daylight levels, sunrise/sunset times and many other control methods. Let CI3 help design and impliment your next level of smart building automation control.


  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce costs
  • Verify energy savings by circuit, zone, space, or complete lighting system
  • Monitor performance to assure system is working as intended
  • Review data for planning and subsequent energy savings opportunities
  • Allocate cost according to actual energy used
  • View reports for planning and energy savings opportunities
  • Attain a granular vision of power and energy use to pinpoint areas for optimization or areas in need of additional capacity
  • Take Control. Save Energy. Save Money

    Let Control Installations help you select the right technology for your system and budget