Access Control Solutions

Increased Security

CI3 carries a variety of electronic solutions to meet your building access control needs. Our years of experience has shown us that every building has different security requirements, from basic electronic entry to high security requirements. CI3 can engineer a solution to fit your needs. Some of the features you may require:

  • Electronic Card Access- To track and control all people entering your building.

  • Special Credentials- Proximity card, high security formats, key fob, cell phone door release, long range transmitters and more.

  • Dual Authentication- To prevent just anyone form accessing your building by finding a card, CI3 has solutions for multiple means of dual authentication and high security features.

  • Badge and Photo ID Creation- If you have a high turn around for staff members you may have the need to create badges and ID’s regularly. CI3 can provide you a system that allow you to manage and create your own ID cards on the fly.
  • Audit Trails and Reporting- Today's environments often have a need to accountability and the ability to quickly see who has entered your building and when. Our electronic solutions engineers will design a system to fit your reporting requirements.

  • Video Integration- Quickly see the event that happened at a door by integrating your video system to your card access. No more searching to find a video clip.

  • Elevator / Floor Access Control- Large buildings and multitenant buildings require even higher security challenges. CI3 can integrate your elevator control with your card access system to regulate just who can go to each floor.

  • HR Database Integration- Much larger systems require a great deal of maintenance. Let CI3 help reduce your work load and integrate your card access system with your current HR department database. When employees are hired or leave they are automatically entered or removed into the system saving you time and money.

  • Emergency Lock Down- Times are changing and in today's world the need to lock down your building may present itself. CI3 can customize your system to lock down with single button click. CI3 has several active shooter and shelter in place solutions.

  • Biometric Readers- Finger print, hand geometry, iris scanners, facial recognition readers.
  • Easy Integration. Customizable. Cost Effective.

    Let Control Installations help design a solution for you